Ginger Limeade

Ginger Limeade with fresh Mint Leaves

Ginger can be a very polarizing flavor. Most people either love it or hate it. I personally love ginger in drinks but not on food. Ginger Limeade is a drink I’ve been making for years. It’s so refreshing, hydrating, and excellent for your health. Combined with lime’s alkalinity it’s the perfect drink to support your immune system and I know we could all use some immune support during these trying times.

Now when I first cut my ginger open I was quite alarmed. It had a blue hue to it as well as blue streaks along the entire root. It looked fresh and smelled fresh, but I was curious as to what the blue color meant. After a little digging I found out that there are different breeds of ginger and the ones that have a blue color are actually called Chinese White Ginger or a variety that’s been bred for that color called “Bubba Baba Ginger” which is a Hawaiian ginger that has been crossed with a strain of bluish ginger from India. (Source: “What’s the Deal with Blue Ginger?”) So don’t be alarmed! Your blue ginger isn’t spoiled.

This recipe takes approximately 5-10 minutes to prep and only 10 minutes to make. You can use a juicer if you please, but I used my good old fashioned Ninja blender. You’ll need:

-1/4 lb ginger, chopped into small pieces

-3 limes

-1/2 cup water (to blend with your chopped ginger)

5 cups of water

Granulated sugar to taste (I used 1 1/4 cup of sugar)

Handful of mint leaves

Directions: Begin by rinsing your ginger, peeling the skin off and chopping the ginger into bite sized pieces. Grab your blender, add your ginger, 1/2 cup water and blend for approximately 30 seconds or until your pulp completely blended. Grab a medium sized mixing bowl and a strainer. Pour the pulp into the strainer and press down on your pulp with your hands to get the most liquid you can from the pulp. Discard the pulp. Squeeze the juice of 3 fresh limes into your bowl and add 5 cups of water. Slowly add sugar until you achieve the desired taste. Transfer into a pitcher and stuff your mint leaves inside of the pitcher. It’s best to let it sit over night so that the mint leaves can release it’s flavor but feel free to serve on ice and enjoy right away! Here is a short video detailing the steps!

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