Delicious Steak and Eggs!

Jerk steak, Cheese Eggs, and Salad

“I don’t like steak”, said no one ever! Who doesn’t like steak? I’ve got the perfect recipe for all the steak lovers out there. Jerk steak! And what’s even better, some cheese eggs to go with it! My favorite cut or should I say cuts of steak are Porterhouse, Ribeye, and NY Strip. Whenever I visit a steakhouse I immediately ask for any of those 3 depending on my mood. This time I used NY strip to make this recipe come together and it was absolutely delicious.
I do want to give you all a tip: it’s better to bring your steak to room temperature before cooking! If your steak is cold when it hits a hot pan, the muscle fibers in the steak will tense up. Bringing the steak to room temperature allows for a more even cook all the way through.
I prefer my steak medium well. So I brown the butter first. Browning the butter first allows you to achieve those beautiful sear marks on your steak sooner rather than later and will prevent your steak from drying out!

Brunch for Two!

For each NY Strip Steak I used:

-1 tbsp green seasoning

-1 tsp dry jerk seasoning

-1 tsp all purpose seasoning

If you don’t have green seasoning, you can omit it from the recipe but I promise you it’s so worth it to include it. I also included:

-Few sprigs of thyme

-5 cloves of garlic

-4 tbsp salted butter

For the eggs I used:

-4 organic cage free eggs

-A tiny splash of milk

-1/2 tsp black pepper

-1/2 tsp all purpose seasoning

Check out my Youtube video which walks you through how to make it!

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How to Make Green Seasoning
How to Make Steak and Eggs

Pineapple Ginger Beer

Pineapple Ginger Beer

It’s a homemade ginger beer we all can enjoy! Now this was inspired by one of my favorite drinks to grab whenever I buy a beef patty from the patty shop. I love a nice ginger beer and even better, I love ginger beer with pineapple! This recipe is super easy to make. You don’t need to be intimidated or believe that you need to be an expert in order to make this. It’s non alcoholic, so it’s safe for kids and pregnant women! All you need is pineapple, ginger, lime, brown sugar, and water! Easy enough right?

Now I left my pineapple out on the counter for nearly a week. I wanted the pineapple slightly overripe so that it’d be more sweet and less sour/tart. It was so sweet, you could smell it from a few feet away. *swoons* The ginger I picked fresh from the market and as you’ll see in the video posted here, it has a slight bluish hue to it. Don’t worry, it’s not spoiled! It’s just a different breed of ginger that’s perfectly safe to consume. All you need is:

-1 pineapple

-2 limes

-1/2 lb ginger

-4 cups water

-1 1/2 cups brown sugar

Here is a step by step video to walk you through! Let me know your thoughts on this!

Pineapple Ginger Beer: Youtube Video

Pepper Steak Dinner!

Pepper Steak, Yellow Rice, Beans, Fried Plantain, & String Beans

If you’re looking for the perfect Sunday dinner inspiration or any day of the week dinner inspiration, then I’ve got you covered. This dinner started out as me wanting to make rice and peas and then realizing I had ran out of parboiled rice! I typically only use parboiled rice for rice and peas because this type of rice draws a lot less moisture than Jasmine rice. Since I wasn’t willing to take any chances on my rice coming out too mushy or sticky, I decided to use my Jasmine rice and make yellow rice! The seasoning I like to use is called Bijol and it’s in an orange/yellow container. You may typically find this seasoning at a supermarket that has an ethnic/international section or you may purchase it from my Amazon storefront: ShopThatnursecancook! Check out this Youtube video for how I make my yellow rice:

I had already boiled the peas and as I stood in my kitchen thinking, “Now what do I do with these peas that I’ve already boiled?” I decided to just make beans as an accompaniment which I love! I guess you can say this was definitely inspired by Latin cuisine. Rice & beans are my favorite thing to have whenever I go to a latin restaurant. Check out this video on how I make it!

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Lastly, the pepper steak is literally my favorite way to prepare a stovetop steak. I actually had two packs of thinly sliced chuck steak that actually looked like steaks you order at a restaurant. I decided to cut them up into chunks and make my own pepper steak! Check out this video for how I make it!

If you’re having trouble frying plantain, I remove all the mystery and break it down in a simple way. I also show you how to select the best plantain and how to fry it in this video!

How to Fry Plantain!

Curry Shrimp!

Curry Shrimp, Jasmine Rice, & Tomato & Avocado Salad

Curry shrimp is probably my favorite way to enjoy shrimp, hands down. Curry is my favorite spice to cook with and shrimp is my favorite seafood. How can you go wrong? I grew up seeing this dish cooked on Saturdays as a quick dinner. It’s a dish that can be prepared in 30 minutes so it’s also one of my favorite things to cook when I’m short in time.

The richness of flavorful curry coupled with fresh shrimp over a bed of pillowy soft Jasmine rice provide a lovely balance of spices for your palate to enjoy. Curry shrimp is always a crowd favorite and I love cooking it for my guests. Here is my recipe:

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 25 minutes


To season shrimp:

– 1 lb raw shrimp, peeled & deveined

– 1/2 tsp all purpose seasoning

– 1 tsp seafood seasoning

– 1 tsp old bay seasoning

For the curry sauce:

-3 tbsp canola oil

-1/2 onion finely chopped

-2 tbsp minced garlic

–7 tbsp curry powder (I divide it between Chief’s Betapac, & Jamaican choice)

-1 1/2 cup water

-1 tsp all purpose seasoning

-1 tsp onion powder

-1 tsp garlic powder

-1/2 tsp old bay seasoning

-Few sprigs of thyme

-Optional: 1 scotch bonnet pepper (or habanero if that’s what you can find)


Begin by cleaning your shrimp with fresh lime or lime juice. This gives you a nice, fresh, surface on the shrimp to work with. Now add your all purpose, seafood, and old bay seasoning. I use “Jamaican Choice” seafood seasoning. If you can’t find it, then double up on the old bay. Massage the seasonings into the shrimp and set it aside. Grab yourself a frying pan that has a lid and set your fire on medium. Warm the pan for 2 minutes and then add your canola oil. Warm the oil for 2 minutes and drop in your onion & garlic. Sauteé for 1 minute and then add the curry powder. Toast the curry by stirring the curry constantly for approximately 1 minute with your flame still on medium. Now add your water, all purpose, onion & garlic powder, old bay, thyme, and pepper. Cover and turn your flame down to low/medium. Let that curry cook for 10-15 minutes and then add your shrimp. Stir the shrimp in so that curry is evenly distributed and cover. Cook for approximately 15 minutes or as soon as the shrimp forms a closed letter “C”. Serve with Jasmine rice or your favorite veggies and enjoy!

How to Create the Juiciest Sunday Pot Roast!

Juicy, Tender Pot Roast, 3 Cheese Mac n Cheese, sauteéd Spinach, & Corn on the Cob

Pot Roast?! Who doesn’t love a good pot roast? Pot roasts and Sundays go hand in hand like peanut butter & jelly. The perfect pot roast on a Sunday afternoon is the perfect way to wind down from the week, put your favorite show on, and then prepare for the week ahead. A good pot roast is sometimes hard to find because people have trouble with getting it to retain moisture while preserving the flavor.

The trick to an excellent pot roast involves two words. “Low” and “Slow”. Yes, you heard right. Low and slow is the way to go. Pot roasts are a labor of love and require some extra TLC in order to make it happen and listen when I tell you, it is so worth it. Nevermind that you’ve never made a good pot roast since you’ve moved out of your parents’ house! I’ve got you covered with the perfect pot roast recipe that’s delicious and easy to follow!!!

The best cut of beef for a pot roast is chuck. I start there and it usually opt for a 4.5 or 5 lb pot roast. make sure the beef looks bright red, and either store it in the freezer until I’m ready for it, or cook the roast on the same day. I usually pair it with baked mac n cheese, steamed vegetables, or rice & peas. Here’s my recipe:

⚡️5 lb chuck roast
⚡️2 tsp of all purpose seasoning
⚡️1 tsp onion powder
⚡️1 tsp garlic powder
⚡️1 tsp meat seasoning
⚡️1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

⚡️2 tbsp minced garlic
⚡️1 tbsp green seasoning (optional)
⚡️1/2 cup of canola oil
⚡️1 tbsp ketchup

▪️1 whole onion chopped (dice half and use half to stuff inside the roast)
▪️1/2 green pepper chopped (dice half and use half to stuff inside the roast)
▪️1/2 red pepper (dice half and use half to stuff inside the roast)
▪️Handful of pimento seeds a.k.a all spice (optional)

▪️Few sprigs of thyme
▪️2 cups water
▪️1 tsp browning (optional: used to make the gravy look darker)

***Optional: I sliced two carrots and tossed them into the pot just before I put the roast in the oven to cook.
Directions: Begin by adding all of your dry seasonings and green seasoning to the chuck roast and massage it in. Poke holes into the chuck roast with a knife and stuff onions and peppers into it. Heat your oil in a stock pot on medium high and quickly brown/sear the roast on all sides (approximately 5 minutes on each side) Remove the roast from the pot and set it aside. Throw off half the oil and sauteé onions and peppers for 3 minutes. Squirt the ketchup and continue to stir. At this point, add 2 tsp of all purpose seasoning, 1 tsp meat seasoning, and 1 tsp of garlic seasoning. Continue to sauteé. Add 2 cups of water and pimento seeds/all spice. You may want to add a tsp of browning at this point if your gravy looks too light. Taste your gravy at this point. Is it salty? Add a little more water. Not enough salt? Add some more all purpose until your gravy is tasty. Put the roast back into the pot, baste it with the gravy you just made, cover it, put it in your oven on 300 degrees for 2 and a half hours. Remove and enjoy!

Here’s a video for one of my best mac n cheese recipes to go with your pot roast!

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How to Create Your Own Immune Booster/Support at Home

Lime, Honey, Oil of Oregano

I’m not sure about you, but as flu season approaches along with the second wave of Covid 19, I am going to be taking every precaution I can to keep from getting myself and my family sick. Yes, we know all about the importance of washing hands, social distancing, wearing masks, and getting a flu vaccine, but what else can we do to support our immune system with natural ingredients?

I won’t get too preachy and I can only speak for myself, but the information we’ve been getting from media outlets hasn’t always proven to be reliable. As a health care professional I support the science and I do get the flu vaccine every year because I am mandated to do so by my employer. Despite getting the flu vaccine, I still ended up catching the flu back in February of this year. It was awful. It was the sickest I’ve ever been in my entire life and to make matters worst, my son caught it too. I was out for an entire week and when I finally recovered it took me about 2 weeks to feel like my old self again. I chose to take the vaccine again because although I’m aware that it doesn’t protect against all strains, I want to do everything I can to protect myself and my family from getting sick again.

When I was deep in the throes of the flu virus, after about day 3 I was despondent. My son had made a full recovery but I was nowhere near being restored back to health. The pain was incredibly intense and nothing worked. I had my husband drive me to a health food store and I purchased Elderberry syrup and Oil of Oregano. I took them both as prescribed and while it wasn’t an overnight miracle, my symptoms began to slowly subside and in about 2 days I was actually able to get up and walk.

I’ve done some extensive research on Oil of Oregano and here are 5 fast facts. (Note: Please do your own research and draw your own conclusions)

-It’s a natural antibiotic

-Contains powerful antioxidants

-Can aid in digestive issues and improve gut health

-Contains anti inflammatory properties

-May assist in helping treat fungal infections

Source: “9 Benefits and Uses of Oil of Oregano”

How I make my own immune booster shots:

-12 limes, freshly squeezed. (Do not substitute with store bought lime juice. Use fresh limes only)

-3/4 cup of natural honey

The vitamin C from the limes support your immune system and help you fight the common cold, and the honey can soothe your throat and aid in cough suppression. I squeeze the juice of 12 limes into a large mason jar, add the honey and shake vigorously. I store in my refrigerator and give everybody in the family a shot of the mixture (enough to fill a shot glass) with two drops of oil of oregano twice a week.

***Please note: Honey is NOT suitable for children under 12 months of age. It puts them at risk for contracting infant botulism and can make them gravely ill. Do not give or take oil of oregano without consulting your pediatrician or family doctor. The oil of oregano used is NOT an essential oil as essential oils are not suitable for consumption.

***This is only my experience with this product. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness, disease, or virus. Please do your own research and draw your own conclusions before making this a part of your routine.

Stay safe this cold/flu/covid19 season!! Let me know what you do to boost or maintain your immune system?

How to Cook BBQ Ribs in the Oven

BBQ Ribs, Rice & Peas, Garlic String Beans, Corn on the Cob, and Avocado

Bbq ribs done in the oven are so underrated. Most people believe that ribs must go on the grill but I’m here to squash that idea and tell you oven bbq ribs can be just as great!! My favorite cut of beef to make bbq ribs with is “Beef Flanken” they come sliced into strips and I cut all the slices in half to bake them. Now the key to getting these fork tender ribs is to put it in the oven sealed with aluminum foil. The seal creates a steam bath and that steam bath created under the foil is what tenderizes your meat. I always use Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce because let’s face it: it’s one of the best ones on the market.

This meal came together on a weekday when I was in the thick of hustle bustle. Between the pick ups and drop offs, homework, and reading with my kids, I needed something that wasn’t so labor intensive.

One of my tricks to making a great dinner during the week is boiling a large pot of peas ahead of time, separating them into ziploc bags that contain 2 cups of peas and 2 cups of the water the peas was cooked in and freezing them. I thaw it out with hot water when I’m ready to use it and all I have to do is add seasoning and my rice! It takes about 30 minutes and cut the labor in half.

Here’s a few videos on my recipes for BBQ ribs, Jerk BBQ ribs, and how I make rice & peas. The method I used to make this rice & peas was Haitian style, in which the peas are separated from the water and sauteéd with green seasoning (epis) before the rice was added.

My garlic string bean recipe:

-1/2 lb freshly cut string beans

-1 1/2 tbsp minced garlic

-Pinch of salt

Directions: I typically use a steamer to cook my string beans. A steamer is a pot with holes on the bottom. I take one pot, fill with water, bring it to a boil, and then place the steamer on top of it with the lid closed. The steam created from the boiling water in the pot underneath is what steams the vegetables. Once you’ve cut your beans, add them to your steamer along with your minced garlic and salt. Steam for 15 minutes and it should be ready.

BBQ Ribs:

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 1hr 30 min


2 lbs beef chuck ribs

2 tsp adobo

1 tsp meat seasoning

1 tsp all purpose seasoning

1 tsp garlic powder

1/2 onion

1/4 green pepper

1/4 red pepper

5 sprigs thyme

4 tbsp bbq sauce (to add when meat is raw)

Another 4-5 tbsp of bbq sauce to add when you have 15 minutes left on the ribs. You can add as little or as much bbq sauce at this point.

Directions: Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Wash your meat first. Begin by adding all seasoning including 1/2 of the bbq sauce (set the other half aside) while meat is raw. Massage into the meat. Place into an oven safe pan and cover with foil. Place into the oven for 1 hour. After 1 hr is complete, remove the foil, turn your oven up to 400 degrees and place the pan back into the oven uncovered. This will give your ribs some char marks to mimic a grill. Remove after 30 minutes on 400 degrees and enjoy!

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Slow Cooker Chili

Slow Cooker Chili topped with Cheese and Avocado

It’s October! You know what that means. Fall is upon us and it’s time to start preparing for the winter. Now I’m not one that uses a slow cooker very often, in fact, I had to dust my slow cooker off to make this happen. I had a hankering for a nice bowl of chili and I had to have it. Now I believe the best chili has a combination of fresh seasonings, bell peppers, the best toppings, and includes your favorite hot sauce! Whichever way you prefer, I’ve got the easiest slow cooker chili you’ll find!

You’ll need:

– 1 lb ground beef

-1/2 green pepper, finely chopped

-1/2 red pepper, finely chopped

-1/2 onion, finely chopped

-7 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

-1 can of tomato sauce

-5 tbsp tomato paste

-1 3/4 cup of beef stock

-1/2 can of Kidney beans (liquid drained)

-1/2 can of Pinto beans (liquid drained)

-2 tbsp All purpose seasoning

-1 tbsp Meat seasoning

-2 tsp Cajun seasoning

-1 Chicken Bouillon cube


Begin by chopping all of your peppers, onion, and garlic and setting them to the side. In a frying pan, add your ground beef and brown it for 10 minutes. When it’s completely brown, turn the fire off and transfer it to your slow cooker, pour in your onions, peppers, garlic, tomato sauce and paste, beef stock, both kidney beans and pinto beans, and add your all purpose, meat seasoning, cajun seasoning, and chicken bouillon cube. (Make sure you crumble the bouillon cube; don’t put it in the slow cooker whole). Set your slow cooker on high for 3 hrs and enjoy!

Ginger Limeade

Ginger Limeade with fresh Mint Leaves

Ginger can be a very polarizing flavor. Most people either love it or hate it. I personally love ginger in drinks but not on food. Ginger Limeade is a drink I’ve been making for years. It’s so refreshing, hydrating, and excellent for your health. Combined with lime’s alkalinity it’s the perfect drink to support your immune system and I know we could all use some immune support during these trying times.

Now when I first cut my ginger open I was quite alarmed. It had a blue hue to it as well as blue streaks along the entire root. It looked fresh and smelled fresh, but I was curious as to what the blue color meant. After a little digging I found out that there are different breeds of ginger and the ones that have a blue color are actually called Chinese White Ginger or a variety that’s been bred for that color called “Bubba Baba Ginger” which is a Hawaiian ginger that has been crossed with a strain of bluish ginger from India. (Source: “What’s the Deal with Blue Ginger?”) So don’t be alarmed! Your blue ginger isn’t spoiled.

This recipe takes approximately 5-10 minutes to prep and only 10 minutes to make. You can use a juicer if you please, but I used my good old fashioned Ninja blender. You’ll need:

-1/4 lb ginger, chopped into small pieces

-3 limes

-1/2 cup water (to blend with your chopped ginger)

5 cups of water

Granulated sugar to taste (I used 1 1/4 cup of sugar)

Handful of mint leaves

Directions: Begin by rinsing your ginger, peeling the skin off and chopping the ginger into bite sized pieces. Grab your blender, add your ginger, 1/2 cup water and blend for approximately 30 seconds or until your pulp completely blended. Grab a medium sized mixing bowl and a strainer. Pour the pulp into the strainer and press down on your pulp with your hands to get the most liquid you can from the pulp. Discard the pulp. Squeeze the juice of 3 fresh limes into your bowl and add 5 cups of water. Slowly add sugar until you achieve the desired taste. Transfer into a pitcher and stuff your mint leaves inside of the pitcher. It’s best to let it sit over night so that the mint leaves can release it’s flavor but feel free to serve on ice and enjoy right away! Here is a short video detailing the steps!

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Jerk Chicken Wings

Everybody loves a good chicken wing. It doesn’t matter if you’re team drums or team flats, I know there is nothing like a good chicken wing. Perfect as an appetizer or for game night, along with other finger foods, wings will always be a crowd pleaser. Now I’ve always loved chicken wings and I’ve always loved jerk chicken. This recipe is just like my recipe for oven jerk chicken. Fast and simple, and straight to the point. One bite and it melts in your mouth! Whether you like it spicy or mild, this jerk chicken wing recipe does not disappoint. You don’t have to be an expert at cooking in order for this to come together either. Simply head to the supermarket, pick up a some chicken wings, open up that cabinet of yours, and get to work!!

This recipe is for 14 chicken wings. If you buy a large bag of party wings you may have to double up on this recipe.

You’ll need:

-14 chicken wings

-2 tsp wet jerk seasoning

-2 tsp paprika

-1 tsp dry jerk seasoning

-1 tsp all purpose seasoning

-1 tsp chicken or poultry seasoning

-1/2 tsp garlic powder

-1/2 tsp onion powder

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Farenheit. In a small mixing bowl, add your chicken wings and generously sprinkle the wet and dry jerk seasoning, paprika, all purpose seasoning, chicken seasoning, and both onion & garlic powder. Massage the ingredients into the chicken, making sure all ingredients have been well distributed. Place them into a baking dish or aluminum foil pan and place into the oven uncovered. Leave them in the oven for 1 hr 20 minutes. Baste the chicken wings every 30 minutes with the juices the chicken releases. Remove after they have cooked for 1 hr 20 minutes and enjoy!! Optional: Serve with ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce!

**Tip: If your oven runs hot and you end up drying out the juices, add a few tablespoons of water to the pan and shake it back and forth. The liquid you now have in your pan can be used to baste the chicken. You may want to turn your temperature down to 350 if your water keeps drying out.