Make your own Sazón!

Homemade sazón is king!

The internet has been buzzing lately with people wanting to figure out ways to make their own seasonings at home. Sazón has always been one of my favorite seasonings and up and until now I’ve always purchased a store bought version. Figuring out to how to make my own sazón is a life saver. Not only do you cut out the artificial ingredients and dyes, you give depth to your dish when you make a fresh batch of sazón at home. Grab a spice jar and let me show you how to make your own sazón at home. It’s easy to make, lasts forever, and the perfect dry rub to for everything from meats, poultry, and fish to beans, stews, and soups! Here’s the recipe! I made this sazón fresh and immediately used it to make some chicken in the oven! You’ll need a food processor or food chopper to make this sazón. You can purchase an inexpensive one at your local store or purchase one online!
You’ll need:

•4 tbsp ground annatto

•2 tbsp garlic powder

•2 tbsp onion powder

•2 tbsp ground coriander

•2 tbsp dried oregano

•2 tbsp ground cumin

•2 tsp salt (optional)

Add all ingredients to a food processor/chopper and pulse for 20 seconds or until ingredients are well blended! Enjoy! Take a look at this delicious oven roasted chicken I made with my homemade sazón!

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Hello, welcome to my blog! I’m a nurse from NYC and I love to cook and share my love for cooking with others!

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