The Thailand Takeover

Earlier this month, I was blessed to spend almost two weeks in the beautiful country of Thailand. A relaxing vacation complete with warm beaches, good company, great local food, night market tours, elephant sanctuaries, temple visiting, and a chance to press the pause button and simply enjoy life. Each day was a new adventure as I trekked through 5 different cities exploring the culture and humbleness that embody thai people. Their food, full of robust, aromatic herbs and spices opened up your senses and satisfied every craving for thai food you’ve ever had! I was fortunate enough to visit the coconut farm and learn how sugar was made from coconut, how coconut oil was made, and of course taste the delightful nutty flavor of coconut juice. As Buddhism is the religion followed by the majority of Thai citizens, I visited intricately adorned temples, walked amongst monks, and gained appreciation for their way of life! Check out my youtube channel at that nurse can cook for my full video blog! In the meantime, enjoy some awesome pictures from my stay!

Published by thatnursecooks

Hello, welcome to my blog! I’m a nurse from NYC and I love to cook and share my love for cooking with others!

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