Parmesan Crusted Lamb Chops Recipe

I’m not sure about you but there is just something about entering Whole Foods that really gets me excited about cooking and eating! It borders on being slightly over stimulating yet you’re so ready for it. Between the hot food counters, the array of gourmet cheese, the exotic herbs and spices you can’t find anywhereContinue reading “Parmesan Crusted Lamb Chops Recipe”

Crispy Baked Parmesan Chicken

Baked parmesan chicken is a delicious way to revive the same old chicken recipes. It’s juicy, the prep is easy, doesn’t require too much elbow grease, and guaranteed to please the family! Parmesan chicken has always been a favorite of mine, but I really wanted to incorporate some fresh herbs and seasonings into the recipeContinue reading “Crispy Baked Parmesan Chicken”

The Ultimate Loaded Mashed Potato Bombs

The Ultimate Loaded Mashed Potato Bombs This post is sponsored by FAGE, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.  Who doesn’t love mashed potatoes? It’s the ultimate comfort food and its versatility means it goes with just about anything. It can also be enjoyed as a stand alone dish as we all crave thatContinue reading “The Ultimate Loaded Mashed Potato Bombs”

The Easy Way: Homemade Butter

Making my own butter started out as a snow day project that ended up completely changing the game when it comes to but-ter! The one thing it made me realize was, what have I been doing all this time and why I wasn’t aware that homemade butter is where it’s at?! Making your own butterContinue reading “The Easy Way: Homemade Butter”

Delicious Steak and Eggs!

“I don’t like steak”, said no one ever! Who doesn’t like steak? I’ve got the perfect recipe for all the steak lovers out there. Jerk steak! And what’s even better, some cheese eggs to go with it! My favorite cut or should I say cuts of steak are Porterhouse, Ribeye, and NY Strip. Whenever IContinue reading “Delicious Steak and Eggs!”

Pepper Steak Dinner!

If you’re looking for the perfect Sunday dinner inspiration or any day of the week dinner inspiration, then I’ve got you covered. This dinner started out as me wanting to make rice and peas and then realizing I had ran out of parboiled rice! I typically only use parboiled rice for rice and peas becauseContinue reading “Pepper Steak Dinner!”

How to Create the Juiciest Sunday Pot Roast!

Pot Roast?! Who doesn’t love a good pot roast? Pot roasts and Sundays go hand in hand like peanut butter & jelly. The perfect pot roast on a Sunday afternoon is the perfect way to wind down from the week, put your favorite show on, and then prepare for the week ahead. A good potContinue reading “How to Create the Juiciest Sunday Pot Roast!”

How to Create Your Own Immune Booster/Support at Home

I’m not sure about you, but as flu season approaches along with the second wave of Covid 19, I am going to be taking every precaution I can to keep from getting myself and my family sick. Yes, we know all about the importance of washing hands, social distancing, wearing masks, and getting a fluContinue reading “How to Create Your Own Immune Booster/Support at Home”