The Easy Way: Homemade Butter

Making my own butter started out as a snow day project that ended up completely changing the game when it comes to but-ter! The one thing it made me realize was, what have I been doing all this time and why I wasn’t aware that homemade butter is where it’s at?! Making your own butter sounds a little archaic huh? Most people believe it probably takes a lot of work, are wondering if you need to milk your own cow, or if you need to spend hours churning the butter. I’m here to dispel all of your misconceptions about homemade butter. It’s really easy and all you need is 1 ingredient! Yes! One ingredient!

Butter has had its place in every American household since the dawn of time. Everyone has their preference and their reason for loving their favorite brand of butter. Butter is everywhere! Think about it. It’s woven into the very fabric of our lives. We love butter in our scrambled eggs, butter on toast, butter on our pancakes and waffles, butter is almost always used in nearly every recipe when it comes to baking, and we all love a good steak that’s lathered in a delicious butter bath! Yes! A butter bath because lets face it: the more butter, the better.

Now the butter we’re all used to is pasteurized sweet cream butter. We consume a lot of butter and we need to find a way to preserve its shelf life. That’s why we use butter that is uncultured and pasteurized. Raw cream will make butter alright, but it’ll likely spoil after a few days. We don’t want that so we’ll be using pasteurized heavy cream to make our homemade butter!

The key to making your own homemade butter is a little wrist action, and it’s core, it’s developed by agitating the heavy cream past the point of whipped cream, and until the agitation causes the fat to separate. Now some use a mason jar, pour the heavy cream into the jar, and shake it vigorously until it separates. I used a hand mixer to make my homemade butter.
I poured 1 1/2 cups of heavy cream into a mixing bowl. Set my hand mixer on level 2, let it agitate for approximately 2 minutes, and then turned it up to level 4 and let it agitate for another 6 minutes. It took approximately 7-8 minutes to see the heavy cream turn into clumps and visualize the buttermilk that separated from the cream. Next, what you want to do is strain the buttermilk off using a strainer, and then wash the butter under running water. This step is incredibly important because if you don’t wash the buttermilk off, your butter will spoil quickly. After it’s been washed off, you can mold the butter with your hand. I used parchment paper. I rolled the butter up into the parchment paper and twisted both ends extremely tight until I had formed a mold. The butter is good to go right away!
I made a decision to flavor my butter. You can flavor your butter with honey, or you can use garlic and your favorite herbs for the perfect compound butter. Warning! Homemade butter is addictive! It’s extremely creamy and very rich. You can immediately taste the difference between homemade butter and store bought butter. The difference just might be something you can’t unsee! Check out this video tutorial on how to make your own easy, 1 ingredient homemade butter!
Homemade Butter Recipe:

  • 1 1/2 cups of Heavy Cream

For Garlic & Herb Butter:

Grab one head of garlic, chop the top off and sprinkle Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Put it in the oven on 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes and remove. Add 3 roasted garlic cloves along with 1-2 tbsp of freshly chopped Parsley and work the ingredients into the butter.

How To Make Homemade Butter The Easy Way

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2 thoughts on “The Easy Way: Homemade Butter

  1. I just love your ideas about cooking. You take cooking to a whole different level! I really appreciate the steps in making your own butter. I will be definitely making it this weekend. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Thanks for all that you do for being a first responder on the front line. Be Blessed 🙏🏽


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